Saturday, November 6, 2010

"Handmade Gifts from the Heart"

I still use some of the same potholders that Terry and I received for wedding gifts.   We’ve been married for 32 years and yes, they’re getting a little worn.  But – they do exactly what they’re supposed to do.  They keep my hands from being burned when I take something hot out of the oven and they protect my table or counter from the heat of a hot pan or dish.  The best part is that they’re broken in.  They bend easily so that I can grip any size pan and truly are quite functional in spite of their age.  The only problem that they have is that they’re ugly; ugly colors, ugly patterns, in ugly condition due to lots of use – they’re just plain ugly.  I don’t mind their ugliness, for the most part.  If they’re “out”, they’re usually under something and not visible.  If they’re “in” - meaning back in the drawer after being used – they are rarely seen other than during the few minutes when they’re doing their job.  BUT…there’s one time of year that I just can’t use my ugly potholders - as practical and useful as they may be.   That time is during the holidays.  This is the time I bring out the holiday potholders.  Some years I purchase new potholders and other years I enjoy making them.  This year is a “handmade” potholder year and I would like to share my pattern with you.  It’s very simple, it goes together quickly and it’s adorable!  It’s kind of like making a VERY TINY blanket – and we know that we all love blanketmaking!

As for blankets...many of us cannot even count the number of blankets we have made for Project Linus.  10, 100, 500…more???  But when we’re asked for proof – something to display – something to show off – we have none.  Why?  Because we’ve given them all away to children who need them more than we do…children who need a special hug that only a blanket can provide.  Our handmade blankets are created in our hearts, put together with our hands, and when given away offer a hug of love, and physical or emotional healing to the recipient. I guess it’s in our nature to give away more than we keep…that’s what being a blanketeer is all about.   

FYI - This potholder pattern makes a nice little gift for a friend or family member.  It is also a gift created in our hearts, made with our hands and given away with love - just like our blankets.  So far I’ve made 4 holiday potholders.  As with everything else, I haven’t yet made any for me but I do plan to do so…just as soon as I finish a few more for gifts.  I think that’s because it’s just so much more fun to give our handwork away…isn’t it? 

Happy Blanketmaking!


Here’s the pattern instructions:
You will need 2 fat quarters of fabric (light and dark contrasting holiday fabrics work best) for each potholder.

3 – 9” squares of the darker fabric (Fabric A)
2 – 9” squares of the lighter fabric (Fabric B)
2 – 9” squares of batting.  (I like to use Warm and Natural batting.)  If you are using Warm and Natural Insul Bright (insulated batting) you only need to use 1 layer.

Assembly: (Click on instructions below for full size view)